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Is there a date set for the next release of updates for Question2Answer?

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A minor maintenance release is scheduled within the next couple of weeks, to fix some issues that have appeared on specific server configurations.

The next major release (1.1 - categories, RSS, more anti-spam) is *planned* to reach beta in late June or early July, i.e. something like 2 to 3 months from now.
Can you give us more details on what is coming up in those releases?
Can we install it now and update it easily afterwards?
Yes, upgrades will always be easy, including automatic database schema upgrades.
What about changes and modes to other qa-include files such as the adding of "tweetme" to each of the questions?
Until there's a more formal plug-in interface, you'll need to reapply those changes after upgrading to a future version. You could use the batch file compare function of your text editor to make this easy, or just keep a separate record of what you've done. It's also quite likely that the files you've changed don't overlap with the files that will change for 1.0.1.