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I'm getting the error,

"Please reload the page then try again"

when voting on the 1st comment.

Voting on the 2nd comment is OK.

Members at my site want it to be fixed.

Any solution?
I removed them and the voting seems working. But I don't want to remove the custom plugins since it removes design and some functionalities on my website.

Also, voting of the 1st comment was fine until Q2A added comment voting inbuilt in Q2A itself. My custom plugin was made for q2a-comment-voting plugin.

When both q2a-comment-voting plugin and Q2A inbuilt comment voting are enabled-

Try removing the voting plugin and keep the Q2A voting feature
I have a custom plugin, it causes the problem. You can check its code - https://drive.google.com/file/d/19Q2lw33fWHCZSGXq58Z7zdzZKaqXB8yw/view?usp=sharing
I believe the developer of the custom plugin is the right person to fix the bugs

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