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Hi all,
I immediately started using q2a and put to production w/out give any eye to the code.
Then I realized I needed some tweaks, and I gave I look inside..
Actually I did not take look in anyone else  code since 20 years now, but I found this extremely difficult to follow, scattered , redundant and verbose (not in comment but in code)
what do you think ?
thank you  .

EDIT: What I did is adding two fields to the question...
I started reading from the part where sql does  "insert into qa_posts .. " then following all class and functions upwords .. hard...
Then I discovered the "extra" field and I realized the only cheap and dirty, dont-think approach, was to add code to duplicate all "extra"s parts , looking for every "extra" appearing in the whole project. (in this VScode si great). This fixed the form part.
Wow, that was easy. Then came the part to show extra2 all over the lists and the questions. this took twice the time of the form/db part .
Total task was less than 3hr
This CMS is not easy to customize at first, compared to Blogger, Wordpress, or Dokuwiki etc...
I just discovered the "unanswered" page is not "questions" page with a filter ...
seriously ?!?

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As a free and opensource initiative, you can suggest improvements to the code.