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How can I edit categories page title? It is showing home page tittle.

This is Normal "questions/category" (true):


When this happens, the category does not show the name. It appears as a duplicate title on Google.

I think this page https://www.cevapbizde.com/sorular/donanim  is showing correctly:  "Donanim icin yeni eleabcdef - Website name".

But https://www.cevapbizde.com/donanim is not.

I notice that you're using Breadscumb plugin. It's maybe the cause of that error.
By the way, data-vocabulary.com mark-ups are being depreciated. You should update that plugin or find something else.
Firstly thanks for your comment, I removed the breadcrumb and checked but still the status is continue. (and activated again)
Have you tried editing your Categories information? Simply login as admin then move to Categories Tab.

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