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We seem to get a lot of questions asking something like "my site is broken, please help" with very little explanation. There are also a lot of questions where the answer is "read this page of documentation".

I think it would be useful to have a clearer notice when users are asking questions, saying a few things:

  • You must include your site's URL if possible so we can see where the problem occurs.
  • Please check if a question has been already been asked.
  • There is a demo (including admin access) if you just want to try Q2A.
  • There is lots of information in the documentation on how to implement single sign-on, plugins, etc.

This should be on the question form somewhere, not stuck off to the right in the sidebar (I don't think people read that).

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Good idea, but I'd need to add the feature to Q2A first (though I guess it could be implemented as a plugin layer...)
I thought you would just do this with a custom theme? I guess if there is a place for a widget plugin that would also work.