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I have noticed recently that "sometimes" a random paragraph in my posts appear backwards in rendering! like this:

.flesti G dna puorg laivirt eht rof tpecxe spuorgbus lamron yna evah ton seod taht G puorg a si puorg elpmis A .spuorg elpmis etinif fo noitacifissalc eht ni dnuof spuorg lanoitpecxe 62 eht fo eno si puorg cidarops a ,yroeht puorg nI <---read from here backwards

If you refresh (F5) the page, in most cases it corrects the problem.

I don't have cash enabled. And I didn't have this problem for years until recently.

What could be the cause? Is it the browser problem or Q2A problem?
Q2A version: 1.8.3
You might be using some plugins or theme or some CSS files with RTL order.
I am. But it wasn't a problem until recently. So I updated my browser and now it is fixed !!

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