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Any thoughts about implementing comment voting?

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Well, doing is better than thinking anyway :)

Here's a comment voting plugin:


With this you can enable comment up-voting or comment up-and-down voting.  It looks like this:

you're amazing! I love your plugins thank you very much!

could make a plugin that does this:

when you click on reply/answer or comment automatically inserted into the text box the user name of the person who posted the question, something like: "@username"

combined this with the mention-notifier, would create an internal notification system!

 or help me do that please?
You're welcome :)

I've added this functionality to the ajax comment form plugin now.  Thanks for the good idea :)
nice!  amazing!! cant wait for it!!
Can you help me do that automatically insert "@ user" replies, wysiwyg-editor.

as well as what you do with the plugin "ajax-comment-Q2A"

with this would be a way of implementing an internal reporting system for both questions as comments.

greetings and thanks in advance
Very Nice plug in but how is possibile that the users can not auto vote on their comment?
Now i've seen that my users has autovoted their comments also if that does not going up the points..
Is it automatically integrated in Q2A 1.7 ? Or should we still try this pluging ?