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I am curious if anyone has done this before. I want to have two languages on my q2a website. The primary language of my site is Russian, but I am seeking for an option to automatically translate text to English if the visitor's user-agent indicates English.

To be more clear, here is a simple example:

  1. User's user-agent shows Russian - the website will be on Russian
  2. If the user's user-agent shows English - the website will be on English
Any ideas on how to implement this? Additionally, did anyone connect the q2a website to Google Translate to get an instant translation?
Q2A version: 1.8.2
AFAIK this has been asked before but so far no one has done this. This should be possible via a plugin though it is not so straight forward.
Do you mean translating the interface (menu links, buttons, etc)? Or translating the content of everyone’s questions/answers?
Ideally, I'd like to translate everything.

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