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  • Native notifications (Q2APRO plugin is awesome and should be integrated into core)
  • Native page cache system, not only DB queries
  • Mention users @username
  • Convert comment to answer option
  • Option to force a user to re-confirm or update the email address, this is very useful for old accounts that frequently bounce emails, for example when the mass mailing is used.
  • Admin should be able to search users by email or username.
  • Mailing with HTML editor (not only text), and save more than one mailing draft/template.
  • Admin can disable mailing for a user
  • A modern looking theme included in core (like flarum)
  • SPAM solution as a plugin included in core.
Q2A version: 1.8.6
Great list, the first 5 issues I have solved with custom plugins.

By the way, I wished the on-site-notification plugin would be integrated HERE in this forum.
Do we have a page cache plugin?
Maybe a spell-check would be useful

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These are all great suggestions. 

If the On-site-notifications plugin is to be added to the core, I think it would be wiser to have an option to disable email notifications on the user end, and receive on-site notifications only, instead of 'Admin can disable mailing for a user' as suggested.

If we had more developers in the community this would be easier to accomplish, by dividing the amount of work trough multiple developers, and then Scott would review the code pushes. Relieving him from a little bit of the stress.

But with everybody's day job this can be a bit overwhelming, to even start pulling from one end of the knot in our sacred free time.

In regards to the more modern looking theme. I've started working on a new free theme, but it's gonna take some time. And eventually I'll be asking for some feedback from the community for a few design ideas I have in mind, once I start developing the question lists etc, so we all together can come up with a design structure that pleases everybody.

I've only been working on the Top Bar so far:

The "disable mailing for a user" is about the mass mailing feature, not about notifications.

Great things have been done by users, I made the SPAM plugin with great results for me. Hope more people can share their work.

Really nice work with the theme!
the snowflat theme looks better they should update it.