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Good question, i need it too

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Hi John123,

There are two ways of changing this URL:

Method 1: Substitute 'posts' for 'questions' in the following places:

  • Pros: Quick and easy way of getting the job done
  • Cons: It'll get reverted to its initial form after updating Q2A

Method 2: Create a plugin and duplicate the parts you want to adjust into it, avoiding modifying Q2A itself. 

  1. Create a plugin. Here's a great tutorial on how to create plugins.
  2. Copy the files I mentioned in Method 1 into 'my_plugin'
  3. Override the route 'users/' in qa_page_routing() so that it loads the duplicate in the plugin, instead of the one in Q2A.
  4. Adjust the contend of the duplicates so that (a) they use the files in the plugin; (b) there isn't any conflict with Q2A; and (c) you can follow Method 1 in the plugin itself.
  • Pros: It'll work after Q2A updates
  • Cons: The plugin needs to be updated manually after Q2A updates


Now, this answer assumes you're a developer and you have time for going through the process of making it work. Here are a few suggestions just in case you find it difficult to follow:

  • Add a comment below, I (and other community members) can try to help you out.
  • Find a developer friend and ask him to implement it for you.
  • Get paid consultation from one of the service providers or from me (send me a private message); specially if quick solutions are needed.

I hope this answer is helpful.

Thank you so much...
You're welcome sonsuz.
Thank you so much for your answer  jair !  It works great :)
My pleasure! I'm glad to hear that.