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You install one of them with your domain. The other one you put in a folder.
Then How can you run both cms in one domain?
Do you want your Q2A users to comment on your Wordpress posts? If yes, it's a bad idea.

Are you worried that Q2A site and Wordpress site does not have the same design layout? If yes, it's a bad idea.

(By the way, if you want to install one of them on your domain, and the other on a subdomain, it is even a worse idea.)

Another thing to consider is that Wordpress installation have speed problem if you don't enable AMP plugin. We, humans, still see it's loading very fast. But Google is ironically too demanding.
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They share the same domain, not the same admin interface or dashboard. They have separate databases.

An example is mysite.com is a Q2A site. You then create a Wordpress blog, but named it as "news" to make it sound professional, so you create a folder named "news" inside where you installed Q2A site. You download the Wordpress package, unzip in that folder, and install Wordpress CMS as normal.

To mange Q2A site, you log in (mysite.com/login) as admin. To manage the Wordpress-based news page, you log in  (mysite.com/news/wp-admin/) as admin.

A Q2A question will be like this:  mysite.com/7749/when-did-alibaba-meet-forty-bandits
A news article will be like this mysite.com/news/netflix-will-add-new-alibaba-movie-this-week

These two activities are independent.
Oh..Got it!Thank you!