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wysiwyg-editor(ckeditor) not load in phone like android and iphone only show a big text area...

wordpress use tinymce and its load in android and iphone, so any form for change ckeditor for tinymce in q2a?

sorry my english its so bad, im spanish xD

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Hi Samuel

I'm not sure if there is tinymce plugin, but I have found a Wmd editor plugin that was made by Scott here: http://codelair.co.uk/2011/markdown-editor-plugin-q2a/

It's the same editor used by other well known Q2A scripts.
I use it myself without any issues, it loads way less than the 350k of javascript required by ckeditor, and it also works for client browsers who hide there browser type.

Hope this helps.
yes, but it doesn't have upload image option, just image as a link..