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Hello, we are using "On-Site Notifications" plugin in our site, but the notification numbers are showing inside the User Navigation box, when the profile picture is clicked. Instead of the header. 

We want the notification numbers to be showed in the header. Please help!

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Try this:

.qam-account-items-wrapper #osnbox {
    padding-top: 43px;
    margin-left: -5px;

#osnbox {
    position: absolute;

.ntfy-event-new, .ntfy-event-nill {
    background-color: #FF0808;
    color: #fff; 
    border: none;
    border-radius: 7px;

.ntfy-read, .ntfy-event-nill {
    background: #C5C5C5;
    border: none;
    color: #555;