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Is it possible to put the register form on more pages then just the register page?

I tried putting it on the home page. I simply made an advanced theme for the home page then copied the register from's HTML, and associated reCaptcha javascript, into my custom theme.

When I submit the form it takes me to the actual register page with the username, password, and email filled in; but it errors and says "Please complete the anti-spam verification". I know I typed the the reCaptcha words correctly; I tried it ten times.

It seems like something is going wrong in the reCaptcha process.

Any ideas?
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I looked into it further and it looks like the problem is that the form is not passing $_POST['recaptcha_challenge_field'] and $_POST['recaptcha_response_field'] to the actual register page when the form on the home page is submitted.

I'm not sure why though.

I also just discovered that the problem happens in FireFox but not in Internet Explorer.

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I fixed it. The problem was that my HTML didn't pass validation. Turns out that FireFox is very picky about where you put the FORM tags.

If you run into this problem just validate your HTML at http://validator.w3.org/