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I have a special Q2A installation in which I tried to re-create a magazine column on psychological advice. I decide that all the askers (or may be the answerers too) will be anonymous by modifying post_meta_who function. In a nutshell, they are registered members, but when they post questions, the author information is assigned with intelligence agent code like #007. Well, you can guess it's the userid.

Now I need to block the viewing of such pages like /users, and also user/elizabeth, user/elizabeth/questions...

I don't want any stalkers here. So, how do I do that and the Q&A page will still survive future updates?

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You should use Lock User Profile Plugin to disable unregistered user to view user profiles.

And have a look at the answer to know how only admin can access users page.

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Thanks for answering me. The plugin is not a direct solution because I want to block profile view completely, not only from non-logged users. However, I can customize the plugin to suit my needs.

About the pupi's answer, it does not block the 'users' page view, but instead it forces the browser to redirect to another page. Still a good way to discourage stalkers.
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