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User can't view his own questions, which are in moderation.

I noticed that user can't view his submitted questions, unless he has direct url to that submitted question.

How to show user a list of his own questions, which are in moderation?
Q2A version: qa1.85
Questions in moderation have a different type than normal question ("Q_QUEUED" vs "Q"), but the construction of the query spec for user questions has the type "Q" hard-coded, and I'm not sure that can be overridden somewhere. You may need to create a page module that specifically queries post with the type "Q_QUEUED" for the logged-in user from the database.
Thank you for the tip,
Yes I know all that you mentioned except I never thought of a page. Also I am not trying to override those. I just thought there might be an easier way to manage that.

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