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I am planning to have sub-domain in my questions2answer website which has look like https://www.fullstack.cafe/ . So user can select category and subcategory and view questions and answers, and then select and then download as pdf file. Does any one know any source code which could do like that. Willing to pay if someone could develop this quickly.
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Looks like a FAQ site, try https://www.phpmyfaq.de/  On second thought, I think it's fake Wordpress site with titles and contents that look like a Q&A site or FAQ site.

You can create a new Q2A site but do not use the Q&A structured data markups. You are the only asker, nobody can answer. Question titles contain questions, question bodies contain answers. Remove unnecessary things to display (answer button, flag, avatar, time....).

To generate PDF files, you need something else, better look for open source libraries.
thank you sir

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