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There's already an Unanswered page: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/unanswered

Is there a way to show an Answered page which show all questions that have  chosen answer?

Something similar to that, as it only list the recent ones. What lacking is it should have a paginated list of all answered questions.
There is no available pages or built-in functions to list all the questions with answers. If you want so, you need to develop your own custom page.

Plenty of things to do: first, you need to create a custom page plugin https://docs.question2answer.org/plugins/modules-page/ . In the main content, you will need to do one or more  MySQL queries to pull the data in the qa_posts table. There are several built-in functions that you can adjust. Quite difficult if you look at those the first time. If you are comfortable with MySQL queries, it's much easier to proceed things.

Below is a simple way to get the answers I used, but you can also learn about other Q2A functions to list questions.

 $answers = qa_db_read_all_assoc(qa_db_query_sub('SELECT DISTINCT parentid FROM `qa_posts` WHERE type = "A"'));

Next step is to display data.

Pagination is a part of qa_content in your custom page, there is also a built-in function to do so.
I'm not into programming so I'll just probably go temporarily with your previous comment until someone develop it :)

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