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suppose we have an array of 100 emails

What modules or pages of the Q2A will be involved for this if we were to write a script to mass register those 100 emails as 100 new users. The means the script to make those users in the DB and send them email with their temporary password ( or unique links) to change upon their first visit?

-I dont need a full fledged working plugin , just few tips and code snippets so I can start with

very much appreciate it
Q2A version: qa1.85

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Taking a look at qa_log_in_external_user()at


might help

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plugin for 1.6.x: https://github.com/thisliquidspace/q2a-user-import

There is a little bug for 1.8.x, if you use 1.8.x q2a, you can use the bellow,it fix the file import issue

plugin for 1.8.x:https://github.com/ostack/q2a-user-import