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hello guys, how i can add custom bbcode to my site? for example

[web]click here to my site[/web] 

this web tag will auto <a href="url">click here to my site</a>

Q2A version: 185

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If you mean in questions or answers: that is a feature the editor plugin you're using would have to provide. However, the WYSIWYG editor as well as the markdown editor already allow for creating web links out of the box. In the WYSIWYG editor you can add a link to any text by selecting the text and then clicking the chain icon in the editor toolbar. In the markdown editor you'd simply use markdown link notation:

[click here to my site](https://www.example.com/)


[click here to my site][1]
[1]: https://www.example.com/

If you want the ability to add arbitrary functionality of your own, not just web links, you'll probably have to modify the editor plugin you're using or create a new one from scratch.

hmm well then, only super admin use the WYSIWYG editor, is it possible?
Is what possible? To configure Q2A in a way that only superadmins get the WYSIWYG editor? It should be possible *somehow* (if you patch the code or write a plugin for it), but AFAICS there are no settings for configuring this kind of thing in the admin section.

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