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Help me to find best name for my website I will add question answer related to 9th 10th india

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(Help me to find best name for my website I will add question answer related to 9th 10th india


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I think you want to start a Question2Answer website for student of class 9th and 10th in India. That's great idea. I mean, this has a great potential.

Here is what I would recommend for Domain:

  • As the site is for India, consider a .in domain for better local SEO benefits and a feeling of Indian Domain.
  • Try to use word EDU in your domain as this will be related to Education (9th and 10th).

I have searched various domain name. Here is one of my recommendation. I have kept it to use in future. But, this Domain will suit your Idea and Site more than mine one.

Domain Name: Edulogical.in

Also, I haven't registered it, I it available to register. I would recommend to buy from Hostinger (Rs. 430) as it has lower price than GoDaddy (Rs.499 + GST 18%).

bro you can get any .in domain in just 99 rs from hioxindia accrediated domain name provider for .in promo offer but
{ dont try hosting}
Yes, I am aware of that offer. But, I don't trust on such cheap domain registrar. They might suspend the domain name or may get closed (Example: Net4 India).

Also, I have a an very horrible experience with HOIX india.

A few months ago, I have registered a Domain Name LyricsXYZ.in (at that time, this domain was mine, now owned by someone else). This domain has a Good Domain Authority and quite relevant backlink for starting a lyrics website.

But, after 5-6 days of registration of the domain name, they cancel my domain and made that public. I created an issue but at last, all I got is 99 Refund.

They stated the reason that, I have a duplicate account so, they have cancelled my domain.

But what was the truth??

I haven't heard the name of HOIX India before registering lyricsXYZ.in. That was my first account. I can swear that was my first and the only account with HOIXindia.

But, they don't hear it. They were rude also. And at last, I lost the domain.

This has a lesson, Domain is utmost important as website. Never, compromise with your site future with such registrar.
Hosting pleae suggest
Globehost kaisa hai
And please share screenshot of your domain dispute
My budget is very low 600 for 1 yr
Yeap! You can reach me directly or you can check the domain history. I probably can provide information regarding the domain dispute.

But, if your budget is as low as that, you can go for any host. They were basically reseller hosting providers.

In my personal experience, go for Hostinger if low budget or Google or AWS cloud.

Tip: Buy the domain from Hostinger as it is cheapest in big companies. And host the site on AWS cloud along with Cloudflare. AWS will be free for 1 year.