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Many places offer this type of header image interface.

as there are already plugins on the market that offer the same. I hope to be an alternative for those who seek this option in their forums.

works in a clean installation q2a.

I have it implemented in my forum and in a test place.

which you can visit here:


If you are interested in acquiring this product, its price is 25 usd.

You can also try viewing my site.


If you are interested in the video backgroun, you can ask by private messaging without obligation.

today its base price is 30 usd.( backgorun video -plugin)

Q2A version: 1.8.5
I love it but in general of question answer scripts there is a structure ,You can see this structure on every question answers website. So in my opinion on question list you dont have to show ee big picture instead you can put a sign on question which means that question has a picture.So if anyone wants to see it offcourse can click and show otherwise in your way it looks like blog website
Hello. Thank you very much for your opinion.  always look for this personally.  themes like xenforo or dicsy implement it.  and sometimes an image attracts a lot of attention.  such as news pages or others, it is something optional.

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