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I am looking for someone who has years of experience with Q2A  and know how it all works.

I have got Q2A blog tool plugin but the owner is not responding so need someone to help me to update user score when blog posts are posted, which is not happening , also comments counts are not happening when some user comments in blog articles section, also i need Read Time for each articles based on word count on top of article page, I need likes and clap features added for each article page like following urls, I want total comments and reactions showed in blog listing page see urls below:



Page views are not showing in blog section , i am using Muffin theme,

Any one who is willing to work on this and engage with me for ongoing continous work please message me, will pay for it?

Contact me through my website

It would make sense for the blog-tool to be open source. At least each user needn't do the maintenance himself. When a developer stops maintaining some plugin, at least make it open source.

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