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I see quite a lot of people using tools for SEO. Does it work?
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sure, what is your goal? for example, you can use google search console for analyzing different things or you may use ahrefs for checking sites.
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There are free Tools like Screaming frog or seobility which are very useful. I use the high quality tools like Searchmetrics and Sistrix to geht best performance for my pages.
If you know how to use these tools then of course they work :)
Can I use these tools in my website.. please link of them..?

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ya most of the SEO tools offer options to update meta data - SEO title and description, heading tags, alt tags, canonicals, redirections etc. Pretty much all the standard on page stuff. They come in handy if you're not that much aware with the SEO.
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Yeah, SEO tools definitely work. There are a huge variety of tools in the marketplace at the moment, ranging from entry-level tools for blogs to premium SEO tools for enterprises. Each tool has its own unique purpose.

Here are some SEO tools that have unique purposes:

  • Conduct an SEO audit of any website you can use Seoptimer.com (they give users the ability to create scheduled SEO reports of their website).
  • For keyword research, you can use Ahrefs.com (I think their keyword research tool is the best at the moment).
  • Yoast is a great plugin for WordPress SEO.
Hope this helps!