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[Free Blog theme] Make qa like a Blog , and this theme do not need any change for db.


Admin-General Setting

Home page

How to use

1.Download this theme

2.Put all files in dir 'qa-theme' to your site server dir :qa-theme

3.Put all files in dir 'qa-lang' to your site server dir :qa-lang

4.Enable [OstackBlog] theme and [en-blog] language in Admin-General

PS: If you want other language ,you can redefine language php file like 'qa-lang/en-blog'

Hope you can [Donate] 10$ for my work


If you have any suggestions or issues, you  can leave a message on github issues or send an email to me: 316848526#qq.com

Hope more people  can work for this theme, Thanks

I installed the theme. However, I noticed that in questions lists I don't see votes, views or answers. I do see them with the SnowFlat theme. What could be the issue?
I will never understand why people keep wanting to use software designed for one particular format (Q&A) for an entirely different format (blog) instead of just using software that was designed for the latter format. Looks like a golden hammer pattern to me.
I think users want a blog section on q2a so they don't have to go through the hassle of installing wordpress.  Also they want consistency so the blog section looks like their q/a section.

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