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Hello, my site is for asking questions to a group of experts, and for that I made membership only for experts,  but I want to hide the answer button for visitors, how do I do that?

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Follow these steps:

1. Edit file qa-theme/<your-theme>/qa-theme.php

2. Add or merge the initialize() function below:

public function initialize() {
    if (!qa_is_logged_in() && $this->template === 'question' && isset($this->content['q_view']['form']['buttons']['answer']))

Thanks a lot, I will try it.
It worked just as I wanted it to, thank you
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Under Administration center → Permissions set "Answering questions" to "Registered users with email confirmed."

Thank you for your response, I did that but the answer button remains visible and when you press it, it asks you to register or login so I want to hide it

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