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The default maximum lenth of answer is 12000 characters. I changed it to 65000 but it's not working. It's shownig database error.

Anyone help me please. How can I increase the maximum lenth of answer body?
Q2A version: 1.8.3
Possible duplicate of https://www.question2answer.org/qa/63952

Also, 12000 characters are more than 6 typewriter pages. I'd argue that any question or answer requiring that much text is well beyond the Q&A format.
@pupi1985 I have checked out all of question about this topic before questioning but I didn’t find any proper solution.  So I asked this question again.

Please reopen this question.
@Ansgar Wiechers I tried this but it's showing database error.. Failed to generate this page!
"Failed to generate this page" doesn't seem like a database error. The information you provided doesn't help. Check your server's logs and update the question so that it becomes answerable
At the very least post a) what you changed and where you changed it, and b) the exact error message you received. Copy/paste. Don't paraphrase.

And to re-iterate: the default of 12000 characters already amounts to more than 6 pages of text. If you need even more than that per question or answer I suspect that something about your approach to Q&A is fundamentally flawed.