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Hello there!

I want a plugin, which will provide functionality to change old question's title without changing it's URL.

I really miss this feature. It presents in all other CMS, such as Wordpress or Drupal. Page titles are not hard-connected to their URLs, they can be separated.

The way I think it should work:

  1. On edit question form (only on edit, not on creation) place checkbox near title with label: "Keep old URL". It should be visible only to certain roles: admins and moderators.
  2. If this checkbox is checked, all title changes should be written to separate DB table, lets say "custom_titles" or whatever. Table structure is very simple, just a few fields: postid, title and maybe timestamp (last modified).
  3. When question is viewed, we keep old URL, retrieving it from default function, but viewable title is rendered from our custom function.
  4. It should change meta <title> as well as question's heading.

Sounds very simple. Or you can advise something else.

PM me with your offers and price for this plugin.

Q2A version: 1.8.3
Anyone can help?

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