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Hi Question2Answer Team...

I have a QnA website, in which I'm using both Hindi and English in question title. Because of that, my question title become very long, that's showing awkward in mobile. I just want to make shorter by three dots (...). Means,

I want only show Hindi word of title, and English word partially hidden by three dots. When Users want to see full title, they can see by clicking three dots.

for example-

Shorter Title (What I Want)

You can see clearly three dots (...) after question mark (?)

Below long URL is Showing By Default in my site

I just want, when users click on last three dots (...) after question mark (?), Than full title will show, otherwise English title will hidden.

Please help.

Q2A version: 1.8.5
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Isn't it easier to make a separate page in Hindi and a separate one in English? In my opinion, this will be the best solution.

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