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I have a CSV file with about 700 questions that I want to import/add to my brand new installation (no other users besides the admin) of Q2A. What's the easiest way to import or add them all to the site at once so I don't have to spend hours entering them one at a time manually? I am surprised this is not a core feature. Have seen some posts about plugins for importing content but nothing I've seen looks very intuitive or well documented for the average non-techie user. Any ideas? Thanks
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I had 4000 questions, I programmed a PHP code that would upload them all at once to the site from the database
Guess what. If the ability to add questions via txt file or CSV import were a core feature, certain types of people would use it. Believe me. More importantly, the main people who would use it would be the type of people who build large scale or popular websites (entrepreneur/developers). And then can you guess what happens if they build popular sites using Q2A that make money? They likely give back to the Q2A devs and community with donations, custom programing gigs, etc.
Sounds great. Wanna share the code?
No, they wouldn't. See, isnt it amazing how baseless allegations work either way?

Anyway, back to the point. The code for such an import is fairly trivial to write, and the answer to the potential duplicate question I linked provides a good starting point. As a developer you shouldn't have any problems making it work. As an entrepreneur you shouldn't have any problems hiring someone to make it work.

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