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Modern society sets very high expectations for parents, especially mothers. They are higher than ever before, and this despite the fact that in our time the parental load is greater than ever. In modern families consisting only of spouses and their children, parents are almost deprived of the help and support of other relatives and must cope with everything on their own. I recently responded to request help me do my essay and posted my work on this topic for free on site https://writemyessay.nyc, so I am very familiar with this topic. For any problems the child has, it has become customary to immediately blame the parents. A similar trend is noticeable in the pedagogical and psychological environment. Numerous articles in parenting publications and websites are full of guidance for parents on what to do and frightening prophecies about the dire consequences of doing something wrong. At the same time, each source has its own ideas about the "correct" one.
Apr 17 by sharonhook

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