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I'm trying to upload a logo to my Q&A website, but the picture is not showing, I've been trying more than one picture :(

URL of logo (absolute or relative to QA root)

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See the logo options in the 'Layout' panel of 'Admin' - you need to switch on the logo and enter its URL.
that's what I've been doing ... I checked Show a logo image in the page header and then I entered URL.. but it's showing me accros sign which means can't diplay the picture
Please post the URL of your QA site and the URL of your logo.

btw , I tried another uploading page but it didn't work
Two problems:

a) The FTP URL is not accessible, at least not to me.
b) You need to enter the logo URL in full, i.e. with http:// or ftp://

So put this in the logo URL field: http://3rbask.com/31.jpg
it's working
thank you sir
appreciate it :D

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