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I'm set up here:


I have facebook login app and I'm using a facebook share button in the sidebar, just entering in the HTML thru the field in admin->layout.  Here's the problem:

If I include the like button's script tag, then, when users login using facebook, they are caught in a strange loop, I think from the login's javascript and the like button's script tag conflicting one another or both needed to reinitialize the page. It keeps reloading over and over and I even have to go into phpmyadmin to take the script tag out.

if I don't include the like button's script tag, then the like button only shows up when the user is not logged in.  Try it for yourself, when you login as a user or thr facebook, the share button in the sidebar disappears.

What do I need to fix?

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My fault, I left out the fbook root div.
I have the same problem. How did you solve it?