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Hi, old questions are hidden in moderate, and when I approve a question, then one of the old questions appears again, how can I unhide them?
Questions can be in the moderate queue or hidden. Those are different things. What exactly is the behavior you're looking for?
Sorry I mean that old questions which are in moderate queue i cant see them when the number of questios is above 60 for example
It's a queue and it is not paginated. You can't see the older posts unless you take action on the most recent ones. I didn't like that either so I added pagination and it was merged on the dev branch, that can be downloaded here: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/archive/refs/heads/dev.zip

The only issue with that the feature is part of the development branch and it does not necessarily work as expected.
Hi pupi1985, Does this problem stays if I accept questions and hide them?
If you accept a post, then it becomes moderated, so it is removed from the moderate queue. If you then hide it, you move it to the Hidden section. Rejecting a post, has similar results to accepting and hiding it. It just fires different events in the process

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