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Are points given/taken for hidden posts?

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asked May 29, 2010 in Q2A Core by Scott
I went to hide an answer a user that had -3 votes, and their points went DOWN from 532 to 528. When I reshow it, it goes back to 532.

Why would this be? Surely if I'm removing a post with downvotes the user's points should go up?

1 Answer

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answered May 30, 2010 by gidgreen
selected Apr 22, 2013 by Scott
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Great question - let me explain.

When you hide a post by a user, they still retain the (usually negative) points they received from votes on that post. The rationale is that if it's a bad post (as per votes), the user should still be penalized for it, even if it's hidden.

By contrast, the user loses any points they received for making the post itself. The rationale here is that, if you've hidden the post, you don't think it's worth much, and therefore the user should not be rewarded for it.

Still, if you know a little SQL, you are welcome to tinker with all the formulae in qa_db_points_calculations(...) in qa-db-points.php - the tilde (~) symbol is substituted with an "=..." clause for the user id whose points we're recalculating.