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I've searched for plugins for infinite scrolling to the homepage but no plugins are working. I tried to do it myself but was unsuccessful. Is there a plugin or other way you would recommend for infinite scrolling?
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I have attempted to install a plugin for infinite scrolling, but none of them work. This was my first attempt, but I was not successful. Do you know of a plugin or other way to achieve infinite scrolling?

Hey @mianaziz ! Welcome to Question2Answer! Please check:
The only plugin I knew for Infinite Scroll was "Infinite Ajax Scroll" by @Sama55

Unfortunately he stopped Q2A development a couple of years ago, and I'm afraid the plugin hasn't been updated/carried on, by others developers since then.

If you already have tried something, or have a GitHub project in the workings, feel free to share it with the community and maybe someone will hop on and help you achieve with the missing parts, to make it work.

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You don't need to develop a q2a plugin to do this. You can simply use the Infinite Ajax Scroll js plugin. It's very easy and simple and you can use it in any type of sites not only q2a. You just call the js file in your home page and set it up so it calls the q2a pagination links. You can google it!
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You can use "Infinite Ajax Scroll" without buying a commercial license if your site doesn't offer anything for a fee. Simply enter this code in the "Custom HTML at the bottom of every page" box:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@webcreate/infinite-ajax-scroll/dist/infinite-ajax-scroll.min.js"></script>


let ias = new InfiniteAjaxScroll('.qa-q-list', {

  item: '.qa-q-list-item',

  next: '.qa-page-next',

  pagination: '.qa-page-links'



You don't need anything else!