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Couldn't find my site - Need help

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asked Jun 15, 2014 in Q2A Core by rgd
edited Jun 15, 2014 by rgd

Yesterday I visit my site and it was working properly. But today I couldn't find it. There is an error.

This site is nearly six months old. 

Hosting provider - iPage

Please help me anybody how to solve this problem.

Site http://www.wikifirst.net/

Q2A version: 1.6.3
commented Jun 16, 2014 by maxjtechno
I see it's online again... What's happened ?
commented Jun 16, 2014 by rgd
After few hours later the error was resolved. But please tell me what is the reason of this error? Should I do something for this?
Last few days I did not login to Admin and my hosting account. I mean that I did not do any changes last week.
commented Aug 12, 2014 by rgd
Today I got this message again.

1 Answer

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answered Jun 17, 2014 by QA-Themes
selected Jun 20, 2014 by rgd
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either your host is moving it's db server or your MySQL server is not responding. you might want to upgrade your server or if it's not a performance issue try to debug it.
commented Jun 20, 2014 by rgd
Thank you very much for your answer. I did not have this problem again. But I did not get that "upgrade your server". How do I upgrade my server? Should I contact my hosting provider (iPage)?
commented Jun 20, 2014 by QA-Themes
shared hosts are single computers(or virtual machines) shared with multiple users.  because of high activity of other users, or if one of users overuse server resources, your site can get slow too.
I meant switch to a more powerful server(maybe a dedicated server or VM) or upgrade to a better hosting package.
commented Jun 20, 2014 by rgd
Thanks again. I understood the point.