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Exists this plugin for Q2A?
What exactly is a "monitoring staff plugin" supposed to do?
Activity of accepting answers moderation
I believe when a moderator accepts an answer, the answer status will say "username accepted this answer as correct" or something along the lines.
Although for moderation queues there's no such status record like that, nor plugin developed so far, as @AnsgarWiechers mentioned in his answer.

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I don't think a plugin for monitoring moderation activity exists. If you just want to take a look or generate a report you could query the database table qa_eventlog for moderation events (or any event from moderator accounts, i.e. accounts with user level 80) with your database client or a script. If you want something accessible from within Q2A I think you'll have to write an event module that generates (and displays) a moderation activity audit trail by storing relevant events in a separate database table.

Alright, thank you for the answer.

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