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I have tried the Wiki plugin by NoahY and the fork by pupi1985. Neither of these plugins are working, and I have no idea why.

When I navigate to the `site.com/wiki` URL, the page just loads for about a minute and stops altogether, resulting in an empty page. There is no error displayed in the debug console, and the server logs show nothing wrong.

I have tried manually substituting in the QA_MYSQL_* information where needed, yet nothing changes. It seems that the problem lies somewhere within the `ewiki.php` file, but that is 3,755 lines long and I do not know even where to start. I believe this is the case because, when I comment out the import of `ewiki.php` in the `config.php` file, the page loads, just with missing function call errors.

My site is using AWS RDS as a MySQL database. I do not know if this would affect anything, as the rest of the site runs entirely fine.

Php version: 7.4

UPDATE: It seems to be related to the fact that `mysql_*` functions were deprecated in PHP 7.0, requiring now the use of `mysqli_*` functions. Though, this still doesn't solve the issue.

Q2A version: 1.8.6

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Yes, most of the issues are related to using mysql_* functions. But, in short, the main issue is that the code is quite old-style. I've made some updates to it so you could redownload my fork and test again.

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Thank you! I spent a few hours changing the ewiki.php file yesterday, but your changes are more comprehensive.

Now to figure out only allowing admins to add pages...

EDIT: Oh wow. The setting was under `permissions` and I just missed it!