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I'm using Q&A script with Wordpress (BTW, it's a wonderful piece of programming and works flawlessly with Wordpress). The only issue I noticed is when a new user registers to ask a question it receives an email with his username, password, and Wordpress login link.

This appears to be very confusing for visitors (they go over to my contact form to ask what to do next) because instead of getting a link to Q&A area they are presented with a login screen to the admin panel in Wordpress.

The same thing happens when you click “log in”, instead of a Q&A panel user gets Wordpress admin login…

Is there a way to change this email content / add another link pointing directly to the Q&A module, or add some message to the body of confirmation email? Or even better, would it be possible to have a Wordpress Q&A script installation behave just like one on Q&A website where after providing user / password / email the visitor is immediately presented with “Ask a question” form?

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The file which includes the emails contents is: qa-lang-emails.php. Generally, it's in the qa-include directory. It should be in your language directory if you are using a language other then English.

In that file, you'll see many constant variables which initialize different email contents which are sent in different events (new question, new answer, new user registration and more). Just look at the format in that file and use the same one to write your own email with the link you need.