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For usability it is nice to have on the login page below the login submit button: 

"Not member yet? Click here to register."

And on the register page a link below the register button: 

"Already member? You can login here."

This can only be done by changing the files: 

   pages/login.php and pages/register.php

Adding a $qa_content['custom'] = '...' after the $qa_content['form'] blocks. 

Q2A version: 1.7

1 Answer

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I created a plugin as given below and it works,


class qa_html_theme_layer extends qa_html_theme_base


function main(){


if($this->template == 'login'){

$topath = qa_get('to'); 

     echo '<a href="'.qa_path_to_root().'register?to='.$topath.'">Register using an Email.</a>';