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Reason of asking this question:

  1. Too many spam links in comments by bots or a real user as anonymous.
  2. These bots automatically bypassed Google's Bus, Boat, Cycle, Crosswalk and Traffic Light security check.
  3. Links and URLs inserting is the main aim of those ones.
  4. So we can block them by links,
  5. We can not force each user to register for posting a single comment only.

So Please Tell me a solution "How to disable url or links in comments or posts?".

This is just in 48 hours, how i manage: No spam control in q2a sites:


  1. please restrict or limit a comment or post with links, like wordpress.
  2. revoke registration from custom emails... except (gmail, yahoo etc.)
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Search here for anti spam plugins. There are few.
This is not the thing, that am i asking?

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You can prefix the links (https:// , www.) in the prohibited words and the site will automatically ignore them.  In addition, I advise you to use one of the plug-ins for blocking spam, it has options to control the number of links that can be included in each answer or comment, and I think it contains another option to block all links in general.

Usually these fake accounts and links are created by a bot, so when you put an plug-in to prevent spam, these accounts and these links will drop very dramatically, as happened to me, I suffered from this issue a lot in the past.

Akismet Plugin by Dave Hannon. Uses to spam filtering service to detect spammy posts and queue them for moderation.