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i do that   ('QA_DB_MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH', 50000)  it was 8000

and after do this, i didn't see 8000 limit warning but after i save and close page i can not wiew a big part of my article.  it means the limit is still active....Why ?

Thank you for your help

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You need to edit the database table as well, since the limit is hardcoded into the database:


EDIT: in phpmyadmin:

open the qa_posts table, click the Structure tab, find the "content" entry, click "Change", find "Length/Values" and see that it is at 8000.  Change that, click save.

Just as a point of interest.. I have been populating my Q2A with material and copy/pasting from various sources.. some of these sources drop a tremendous amount of underlying html bringing the character value way up past the limits when the actual text content was no where near that.

Example, one 1/2 of a post I did last night copy/pasted from I can't recall where (PDF, another web page??), was showing 7960 characters when examined in the DB and that was only 1/2 of the material! I ended up making a 2nd answer to accomidate the information.  I went in edited the 1st half, used the eraser tool in the editor to "Remove formatting", pasted in the remaining material, removed that formatting, did some small formatting bold size etc. Now the full post of the full material is only 2960 characters with the formatting!