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TD Payment is a plugin that allows you to manage payments for your users. With this plugin, you can set how much you will pay for making points on your site. All of the features are explained below.


  • Monetization system.
  • Minimum Points for monetization.
  • Database logging.
  • Bonus Points.
  • User withdrawal history page (only admin can see).
  • Admin can see any users balance.
  • Top balance holding users list (current balance).
  • Mailing to user and admin


If the admin enables the monetization option in the plugin settings, users will need to earn a certain number of points before they can request to be monetized. Once a user has earned enough points, they can submit a request to the admin. The admin will then review the user's profile and activity to determine if they should be approved for monetization. If the user is approved, they will be able to start earning money for their contributions to the site.

Minimum Points

The admin can set a minimum number of points that users must earn before they can request to be monetized. This minimum number can be set to any value, and it can be changed at any time.

Database Logging

All points earning will be logged in database. You can change points and exchange rate whenever you want, it won't effect past earnings.

Bonus Points [3.0 Update]

You Can give bonus points to user for doing good question or answer. Also you can give normal bonus earning in their earning page.

User Withdrawal history

The admin can view the withdrawal history of any user on the site. This history shows the date and time of each withdrawal, as well as the amount withdrawn. Also the admin can see how many question and answer done between that and previous withdrawal. Also admin can view that questions and answers. The admin can use this information to track user activity and make sure that users are being paid fairly.

Full site payment statistics:

In payment page admin can see all time payment statistics like total paid amount, pending amount, withdrawable amount, number of pending payments.

Top Earners List

The admin can view a list of the top 20 users who have the highest balances on the site. This list can be used to identify users who are contributing the most to the site and who may be eligible for rewards or bonuses.


Admin will get email whenever a payment or monetization request submitted. And users will be notified when when payment request declined and monetization request declined or approved.

Overall, TD Payment is a powerful and flexible plugin that can help you to manage payments for your users. The plugin is easy to use and provides a variety of features that can help you to track user activity and make sure that users are being paid fairly.

Q2A version: 1.5+

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Really cool Plugin, I bought it and used it on my site.

It works great and amazing.
Thanks for your feedback.
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will it work on wordpress websites?
No, it's only for q2a CMS.
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Price Drop: $39/$29 | to buy it Email me or Telegram me or WhatsApp

How can I buy it?
Contact me in telegram https://t.me/sfsakhawat999
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I have not telegram account. Can you talk me in facebook?
Sure, Message Me: