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How do i create a facebook login?

i go to http://developers.facebook.com/setup/

but I don't understand the steps after that/

Q2A version: 1.4.3

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Hi there,

Those are the steps I've made to configure Facebook login:

  1. Went to http://developers.facebook.com/ and first had to validate my Facebook account with my credit card.
  2. Created a new Facebook Application
  3. Went to my Q2A website, Admin page > Plugins tab, then clicked Options next to Facebook plugin and entered there the Facebook App ID and Secret that got from the previous step.

Basically that's all, let me know if you get stuck somewhere :)

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I have the same issue. Following all these steps you described, I can see the Facebook login button is on my Q2A site, but nothing changes when you click. Wondering why..


After I upgraded to the version 1.5 beta everything is fine - Facebook login is working.
After I login, nothing changes, why is that?
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Document provides links for Facebook Social Plugins such as (Like Button,Send button,Comments,Like Box.etc.) and how to integrate into your site with just line of HTML code.