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Someone gave the link to this plugin. And how does the plugin work?

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Based on your comment above, you want to display the count of users, questions, answers and comments on your website.

This is easily done using the activity count widget that ships with default q2a installation.

To display these stats, go to your admin section →go to layout→then select "Activity count"  under the available widgets at the end of the page and click on "Add widget".

Next choose where to add that widget and on what pages. The best position is in the sidebar, at the top. Save changes and it I'll appear there.

Hope this helps!

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I believe that plugin is called Online User Count and is listed at the Addons Page.

The download link seems to be broken tho, but there's people who have mirrored it on the author's thread. Online User Count Q2A Post.

PS: If none of those links work, you should try and search for it on ProThoughts' GitHub vault. They basically save most of the open-source plugins that have been shared here with the community throughout the years.

And the above question, answer, member and comment counting plugin which?
For the top widget you'll need to go to: Admin > Layout > Activity count , as mentioned in @Hanii 's answer.