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You guys probablely know but I just realised that having outgoing links to other websites from your website lowers your seo score, it really does.

So was thinkin if there any solution already available to enclosing <a> tags (links to other sites) in posted contents with nofollow tips to google bots?

Thank you


Guys I just found these helpful plugins and  tips.




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For every link contained in a post, q2a adds the rel=nofollow attribute *by default*. So you do not have to worry.

On the contrary, you'd like to convert your internal links (those pointing from a page to another page within your website) to have a "dofollow" relationship, so that they help in passing the link juice equally to other pages within your website.

To accomplish this conversion, you could use for instance the Q2A-Ultimate-SEO plugin or the previous Q2A-SEO-Links plugin .

Thank you for the tips maxjtechno