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Does anyone know how to host the website with Go Daddy for using q2a?

I have a Godaddy domain and a professional email address.

This is my website at Localhost

Q2A version: 1.8.8
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Do you have a hosting plan or only domain?

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  • Step 1
    Create a Database (video 1)
    If you don't know where cPanel is located, check out video number 2 below.
  • Step 2
    Create an FTP account (video 2)
  • Step 3
    Download a File Manager such as WinSCP, in which you will be uploading your Q2A files, using the FTP account credentials you've just created.
  • Step 4
    Edit your Q2A files to be updated, with the corresponding Database credentials.
    Check out Jatin Soni's video (video 3).
  • Step 5
    Upload your updated files using the File Manager, and visit your website to complete the installation.

You can also check the Official Installation Guide.
And also this answer, if you're running Linux.