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how can i move whole website with database to another web hosting ?

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You need to export a backup of the database (e.g. with phpMyAdmin) then import it into the new hosting. The process I would use is:

  1. Register with the new host.
  2. Upload all files to the new host (but don't run the site install). If you have file uploads stored on disk you'll need to download those from the old host and upload to the new one.
  3. Set the old site to maintenance mode (checkbox on Admin > General page). This stops people adding new posts to the old site before you've moved it.
  4. Back up the database from the old site.
  5. Import it into the new site.
  6. Update any necessary details in qa-config.php such as database name/password.
  7. If you're using the same domain name you'll need to update the nameservers/DNS to point to the new host.
  8. Once the domain has transferred you can log in on the new host and turn off maintenance mode. Hopefully everything is working :)
what is your website?
Hi Zeeshan.
I'll send in a message for you.
Help me with ur website
how to replace all the old urls inside the posts with a new one from the database(myphpadmin)?