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Can i update directly to 1.5 FINAL version from 1.4.3?

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asked Dec 19, 2011 in Q2A Core by mobi
edited Dec 19, 2011 by mobi
If i don't update to 1.5 beta versions now, can i update to final 1.5 version of Q2A from 1.4.3 after releasing it?
Q2A version: 1.4.3

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answered Dec 20, 2011 by Scott
selected Jan 3, 2012 by mobi
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Yes, you will be able to upgrade directly. It's obviously going to be the most common upgrade "path" as the beta version shouldn't be used on a production site.
commented Dec 21, 2011 by mobi
OK, thanks a lot for your answer. It made me happy because i wanted to upgrade to final version directly.
commented Jan 7, 2012 by jatin.soni
To update latest version what we need to do? only overwrite existing files with latest version? or anything else for database?
commented Jan 7, 2012 by Scott
Yes, just copy all the new files over the old ones. (If you made any changes to the core Q2A files you will need to make a note of them beforehand and redo them.)

Then just open your Q2A site. If there are database updates required, Q2A will do those for you.